Mount Kelly school announce their support for CSMF we look forward to working with them

CSMF trustee Hamish Anderson and Amanda Le Page visit Lewa and Mutunyi. A extremely successful visit they met all the scholars and inspected the computers. The sat in on a IT lesson and were impressed by the teacher Issac

Scholars Purity and Beatrice have graduated from secondary school and are waiting to hear their results and weather they will get in to the universities of their choices


Incredibly successful curry lunch thank you very much to the Cave Family. 

Boniface our first scholar Graduated from university and hopes to pursue a career in the insurance industry

Scholar Joseph wildlife enterprise management at Egerton University


Scholars Idris Kalicho and Fransica Apua have gained places at the universities in Nairobi to study Law and Civil Engineering respectively

Lucinda Barry, Alasdair Carmicheal and Oliver Abrahams completed the GR20 mountain trail in Corsica in July.

Ed Sumption and Angus Radford visited Mutunyi School. They had a very uplifting trip visiting the scholars at their respective schools and universities as well as spending time at Mutunyi School.  


CSMF awarded scholarships to Kelvin Muriuki and Fridah Kathambi Akwaro who completed primary school at Mutunyi School.


CSMF employee a new IT teacher.

CSMF has employed a new IT teacher to teach computer classes at the school and to run after school computer club.


Ed Sumption, Rory Cumming and Fred Cunningham

In September Ed, Rory and Fred visited Mutunyi took with them 6 computers which they installed in the school library.




Rory and Oli Trevelyan Thomas 

Rory and Oli completed the Lands End to John O'Groats challenge by bike this summer

CSMF Wine Tasting

The Symons family kindly hosted the CSMF wine tasting evening on the 6th May.


This year a group of four Sherborne School leavers have visited Mutunyi. In July Venetia Vollers and Daisy Browne visited. 



Once again the volunteer program has expanded in 2011, with over five different groups visiting the school this year. 

Two separate group of lads have cycled from the UK to Monaco

Guy Corlett, George Murray and Richard Mawdsley cycled there in August (www.theride2011.co.uk) and Hugh McDowell and two of his mates cycled their in June. Congratulation to both group and we really appreciate your efforts. 

Eddystone Challenge 2011

In July three boats skipped by Neville Devonport, Rupert Hancock and Julian Trahair competed in the Eddystone Challange. It was a great event on a windy day which was thoroughly enjoyed by all raising over £2500 for CSMF. 

Will Young's Cycle Tour of Ireland

Will has completed his 1500 mile cycle round Ireland and has raised over £3500 for CSMF.

We at CSMF are incredibly impressed by this astonishing feat especially as he finished the ride within 14 days with the bumpy road taking significant toll on Will's behind. We would like to thank Will for this fantastically kind and generous act that will make a really significant difference to the children we support in Kenya.


The big news at the moment is that CSMF is a registered charity 

This has been a long process which we started in September 2009 was finally granted in June 2010. This has very exciting implications for the future sustainability of our charity.

 The CSMF Mutunyi ball 

Neville Devonport Eddystone chalange. 

Neville completed the Eddystone charity sailing pursuit race.

Birmingham to Mutunyi. 

Alex Sumption and 5 other volunteers from Birmingham university went to teach at the school for 3 weeks in August.

Ed and Phil go to Mutunyi. 

Ed Sumption and Phil Newbald visited Kenya to put the finishing touches on our water conservation project.

Lucinda Barry and friends Coast to Coast cycle. 

Lucinda and 6 of her school friends completed the coast to coast cycle ride of 140 miles they also raised money for Help for Heroes and The Army Benevolent Fund.

 Cuth's Fasion Show. 

Rosie Arkell and Rosanna Arikoglu organised the St Cuthbert's Society fasion show in aid of CSMF they did fantastically well and raised £3000. It was a great evening which by all reports everyone had an amazing time although a few found themselves carried away by what was on offer at the auction.

 Will's Concert. 

Will Cunliffe worked as Hillcrest School raising money to purchase books for the CSMF library. 

 William Campbell-Lamerton Climbs Mt Kilmanjaro. 

William did a fantastic job in climbing Mt Kilmanjaro he managed to raise over £600 which was an amazing effort and very much appreciated.

James Drysdale runs the Paris Marathon. 

James made an awesome effort completing the marathon in 4 hrs 19 mins and managing to raise a phenomenal £843.

 Ben Ryder runs Paris Marathon. 

Ben also ran the Paris marathon for CSMF which was hugely appreciated

Hannah and Georgia go to Mutunyi. 

Hannah Markowska and Georgia Haughton went to Mutunyi school in January 2010 and did a great job in getting the library properly up and running and teaching in the school. They were the first girls to go to Mutunyi and made a big impact especially on the big man, Moses. They also made an incredible effort in raising £4000 for CSMF.  Some of this was used to send 1000 books  to Mutunyi school. We would like to thank them for this amazing contribution.