Our Partners

           Our partners, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, have kindly agreed to administer the Charlie Sumption Scholarships.  90% of the funds we raise will go towards the annual scholarships and other projects at the school. The money will be administered through Lewa Kenya who charge a 10% to pay for the costs associated with administrating the scholarships.

Although Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is primarily a game conservancy charity in Northern Kenya, it also strongly supports it's adjoining communities with health and education projects. Lewa became a registered charity in 1997 and amongst it's other activities supports eight schools including Mutunyi School. It already provides a number of scholarships allowing children from these other schools to attend Secondary School.

To find out more about Lewa, please visit their website at www.lewa.org/education.php

Angus Radford feeding an orphaned Black Rhino 

Donors include

Norton Rose

Sherborne School with a  special mention to Abbey House

Ernst and Young